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Twins on Toes

What is it like to be a young ballerina at one of the most famous ballet schools in the world? For seventeen-year-old twins Amy and Laurel Foster, studying at the prestigious School of American Ballet in New York City means hard work, persistence, and sacrifice. But most of all, it is a dream come true.

Just Beyond Reach And Other Riddles

A good riddle, like a good poem, can be read again and again. These fourteen original riddle poems are no exception–solving them is a challenge, yet they are also poems in their own right and will inspire rereadings even after the answers are revealed.

Artists of Handcrafted Furniture at Work

Some artists paint pictures on canvas. Some mold sculptures of clay. Others weave rugs from fibers. Still others create furniture from wood. These furniture makers, devoted to furthering art and fine workmanship in daily living, produce originally designed, hand-made objects – music stands, storage chests, rocking chairs.

Handtalk Birthday

Mary Beth is awakened by a light bulb flashing over her head. Someone’s at the door. Shuffling to the door in her nightgown and bunny slippers. She opens the door and SURPRISE! All her friends are there to celebrate her birthday. They sign and fingerspell HAPPY BIRTHDAY, give presents, eat goodies and cake, and are astonished by the birthday wish. 

The Glorious Fourth in Prairietown

It is July 4, 1836, and Prairietown, Indiana, is celebrating the biggest and most exuberant holiday of the year. This is the “Glorious Fourth”, and in Prairietown–and across the country–townfolk and strangers passing through have stopped their day-to-day lives to join together as Americans to commemorate their young nation’s birthday.

My Special Friend

The story of two boys, Doron and Jonathan, and their friendship that develops at synagogue each Shabbat morning. Jonathan has downs syndrome and finds doing some things hard. When Jonathon is invited to lead the congregation in singing he agrees. But when the time comes he turns to his friend Doron for help. The two boys together sing the “Adon Olam” and are congratulated by the entire congregation.

Christmas on the Prairie

The Curtis family has recently moved to Prairietown from a thriving village in New York State. The four Curtis children, especially Thomas, are determined that Christmas will be just as wonderful as it was back east. But how can it be? So many ingredients of the family’s traditional Christmas customs are missing on the frontier.

The First Thanksgiving Feast

The Pilgrims’ first harvest festival in 1621 was a time for playing games, singing, and dancing as well as feasting. Here is a fascinating re-creation, accurate in every detail, of that famous event.