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¡Ole! flamenco

It’s singing, it’s dancing, it’s guitar playing! It’s an exciting, expressive art form that has evolved over hundreds of years.

Self Portrait

Photographs of the author/photographer invite the reader to visit the author at his home and studio in Santa Fe, New Mexico. There he describes the process of writing and putting together the photographs for a children’s book.

SOMOS LATINOS: Mis Bailes / My Dances

There is a saying that Latinos are born dancing. Cuauhtémoc dances with an Aztec dancing group. Little Evelyn dances the jarana from Yucatan. Shanty and Junior dance the Peruvian marinera. Kane and his whole family dance Mexican Folk dances. 

SOMOS LATINOS: Mis Comidas / My Foods

Alejandro’s parents came from Venezuela. He helps his mother shop for the special ingredients that are turned into the special meals from the home country. His friends from El Salvador and Mexico have theirs. The book is filled with tacos, sancocho, arepas, and many other goodies.  

SOMOS LATINOS: Mis Música / My Music

Three children follow their heritages through the music they play. Janira dances and her brother plays flamenco, Jovita sings and plays with a mariachi band, and Juan Julian follows in the footsteps of his father and older brother playing percussion with Salsa.

SOMOS LATINOS: Mis Fiestas / My Celebrations

There are many holidays in Latin America and each country has their own way of celebrating them. Jose’s parents came from Puerto Rico and they celebrate Three Kings Day. Valeria takes part in Bolivia’s Carnival. Cristobal from Ecuador celebrates the Day of the Dead. Zofía’s family were early Spanish settlers in the Southwest and they celebrate Las Posadas.

SOMOS LATINOS: Mis Familia / My Family

Camila’s grandparents left Cuba for the United States by way of Venezuela. Today the entire family, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins live in Miami. And when they are together they laugh, eat, hug, kiss, and play music together.

SOMOS LATINOS: Mis Escuela / My School

Christopher’s parents came from Central America. His father from El Salvador, his mother from Guatemala. He goes to the Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary School in Los Angeles. We meet his friends, teachers, and principal. For the harvest festival the entire school, both students and teachers, gets dressed up in costumes.

SOMOS LATINOS: Mis Barrio / My Neighborhood

There are many neighborhoods where Spanish is spoken in the homes, on the streets, in the stores, and in the schools. We visit Marc Anthony’s barrio in Brooklyn, New York. His parents came from Puerto Rico and he takes us to see the murals, the stores, the subway and the people of his neighborhood.