¡Ole! flamenco

Book, Dance, Hispanic & Latino

¡Ole! flamenco

Publisher: Lee & Low, 2010
Age Level: 6-12
Language: English
ISBN: 978-1-60060-361-7 (hardcover)


It’s singing, it’s dancing, it’s guitar playing! It’s an exciting, expressive art form that has evolved over hundreds of years.

With captivating photographs and engaging text, George Ancona explores the origins, history, techniques, and performance of flamenco. The story focuses on a young girl and her brother as they learn the traditional flamenco style of movement and guitar playing. Includes a glossary/pronunciation guide and author’s sources.





The latest photo essay from the prolific award-winning Ancona (Capoeira, 2007, etc.) introduces the exciting and international world of flamenco performance. He highlights a dance troupe from Santa Fe, N.M. called Flamenco’s Next Generation, where children learn the steps in preparation for live performances. A map, archival photographs and background information show how flamenco developed as the Gypsies (introduced as Roma) crossed continents and nations from India to Andalucia, Spain. The color photography, while occasionally posed, nicely displays the intricate hand movements, footwork, instruments and costumes of this art form, which evolved from emotionally charged song to highly expressive dance accompanied by percussion and guitar. The author weaves in many Spanish terms, helping to make this a good addition to titles celebrating Hispanic culture in the southwest.