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Charro: The Mexican Cowboy

Charro is the Mexican term for horseman, but for Mexicans a charro is much more than a cowboy. He is a skilled rider of horses, bulls and bucking broncos, true—but he is also an artist with a lariat, a model of gentlemanly dress and behavior, and a living symbol of Mexico’s patriotic past.

The Golden Lion Tamarin Comes Home

Take a look at a golden lion tamarin, and imagine its disappearing forever. This is what almost happened in Brazil as deforestation reduced the monkey’s habitat and the species began to die out. Fortunately, the Brazilian government set aside the remaining forest as a wildlife refuge.

Man and Mustang

On remote public lands of our western states, wild mustangs are flourishing. When their numbers grow too great to be supported by the ecosystem, the herds must be reduced. This is the job of the Bureau of Land Management. Thanks to the BLM’s Adopt-A-Horse Program wild mustangs are no longer killed to make dog food. Now they are rounded up and trained so they can be adopted. Prison inmates at the penitentiary volunteer to work with the horses to gentle them.

The Aquarium Book

Sharks and sea stars…luminous sea anemones…brilliantly colored fish from tropical waters. At an aquarium, you can feast your eyes on the strangest and most beautiful denizens of Earth’s oceans and seas.

Sheep Dog

Ranchers and farmers are in a constant war with coyotes and wolves who kill their livestock in their pastures and grazing lands. One solution that seems to work better that shooting or trapping the predators is the guard dog. These big dogs, like the Great Pyrenees, Maremma, Komondor and Kuvasz, are raised as pups with the sheep. The dogs sleep with the herds and will fight off predators.

Turtle Watch

On the beach of a small Brazilian town called Praia do Forte, four oceanographers are working to save the endangered sea turtle. The scientists find a turtle’s nest, then dig up the eggs and remove them for safekeeping. And when the eggs have hatched, they help the baby turtles make their way to the ocean.

Cowboys: Roundup on an American Ranch

Two brothers, Leandro and Colter, help their father in the spring roundup of cattle on their ranch in the Southwest. For two weeks the boys join the cowboys rounding up the cattle and newborn calves for branding and shipping. 

Mom’s Best Friend

When Sally Hobart Alexander loses Marit, her first dog guide, the entire family mourns. But for the author, this death means more than heartache–it means curtailed mobility. Fiercely independent, Sally Alexander finds “going sighted guide” or walking with a cane inadequate. She decides to return to The Seeing Eye, where she obtained Marit twelve years before, for another dog guide.

Dolphins at Grassy Key

Dolphins are extraordinary creatures. Who would not be thrilled to rub noses with them in the water, grab on to their dorsal fins and go for a fast ride, to watch them leap high overhead, and even to pet their snouts gently? Visitors do this daily at the Dolphin Research Center in Grassy Key, Florida. They also see how dolphins are fed, cared for, and trained to perform in shows. 

Handtalk Zoo

We’re off to the zoo! In a lively story told with colorful photographs, text and American Sign Language. Mary Beth and a group of children spend a fun filled day visiting the animals. The day is a full one, with stops to feed the sea lions, eat lunch, and find Roger. As the children see their favorite animals, they demonstrate the signs and fingerspelling for each one.

Jackpot of the Beagle Brigade

This is the story of Jackpot, a little brown beagle that does a very big job for all of us. Working at John F. Kennedy International Airport, Jackpot makes sure products that could be carrying disease—and could infect our agriculture—don’t get into this country.

A Snake-Lovers Diary

It all started one April morning with the chance finding of a Gartner Snake. “It was as if I’d never really seen a snake before. I decided then and there to take it home. On the way, a plan began to take shape. I’d start a scientific study of snakes and keep a diary of my findings.” With Gartner Snake as Specimen A, a young boy spends a spring and summer catching and studying reptiles. His collection grows to include, among other species, a Water Snake, a King snake, a Milk Snake, and even a Boa Constrictor.