A Snake-Lovers Diary

Animals, Book, Nature & Science

A Snake-Lovers Diary

By: Barbara Brenner & George Ancona
Publisher: Young Scott Books, 1970
Age Level: 9-12
Language: English
ISBN: 79-98113


It all started one April morning with the chance finding of a Gartner Snake. “It was as if I’d never really seen a snake before. I decided then and there to take it home. On the way, a plan began to take shape. I’d start a scientific study of snakes and keep a diary of my findings.” With Gartner Snake as Specimen A, a young boy spends a spring and summer catching and studying reptiles. His collection grows to include, among other species, a Water Snake, a King snake, a Milk Snake, and even a Boa Constrictor. 

This vivid story is full of adventure: imagine finding a fang mark on your boot where a Timer Rattlesnake has struck. Or losing your King snake in the dishwasher. Wouldn’t you be startled to see two constrictors, feeding in the same tank, try to swallow each other instead of their dinner? What do you do when a Water Snake lets loose his secret weapon?

Snake-lovers, particularly, will be enthralled by this fascinating and informative look into the reptile world. Those who are not snake-lovers may have a change of mind, like the mother in this book who couldn’t resist helping to raise a brood of seventeen baby Gartner Snakes. But all readers will come away with new respect for the ancient Order Reptilia.