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SOMOS LATINOS: Mis Familia / My Family

Camila’s grandparents left Cuba for the United States by way of Venezuela. Today the entire family, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins live in Miami. And when they are together they laugh, eat, hug, kiss, and play music together.

SOMOS LATINOS: Mis Abuelos / My Grandparents

Helena and Sebastian live in a house together with their parents and grandparents. Their mother came from Colombia and their father came from Holland and Argentina. When their mother’s parents retired in Colombia they decided to move in with their children and grandchildren. The house is full of cariño and love.


Meet the Mexicans with all their diversity of races, beliefs, humor, warmth, and talents. The Pre-Columbian cultures that left behind depictions of their everyday lives in murals, temples, writings and carvings. The conquest opened up the new lands to European settlers and established a new race of native and whites. Paintings, drawings and murals tell the story of the Mexican people. 


Harvest By: George Ancona Publisher: Marshall Cavendish, 2001 Age Level: 9-12 Language: English ISBN: 0-7614-5086-6 BUY THE BOOK Campesinos are migrant farm laborers who come to the Unites States in search of a better life. They come to pick lettuce in California or pears in […]

Cuban Kids

George Ancona first went to Cuba in 1957 when the revolution by Fidel Castro and Che Guevara was already under way. Forty years later he returns to capture on film the ways in which Cuba has changed since his last visit. What results is a timely and remarkable photo-study of the children of Cuba.

Barrio: José’s Neighborhood

José’s neighborhood is the Mission District in San Francisco. The book shows the blending of cultures such as Halloween becoming the Day of the Dead which is celebrated in schools, stores, and homes. It is a community that sings out it’s cultures and histories with murals, festivals. gardens, foods, holidays and birthday parties. 

Mayeros: A Yucatec Maya Family

Armando and Gasper live in Teabo, a small town in Yucatan, Mexico. The peninsula is the region where the Maya have lived for four thousand years. The boys live in the traditional thatched roof house with their family; their father, don Victor, doña Satulina, their mother, Leidi, their older sister and Rosa, their baby sister. 

Earth Daughter

In Acoma Pueblo in New Mexico, little Alicia Histia follows in the footsteps of her parents and pueblo ancestors. Working alongside her mother she is creates pots and clay animals. She joins her grandmother to make bread that she bakes in an outdoor oven. On feast days she dons her traditional dress and dances behind her mother.

Fiesta U.S.A

Four celebrations brought here by Hispanic immigrants to retain their traditions and to share them with their new neighbors. 

Pablo Remembers: The Fiesta of the Day of the Dead

On October 30, people everywhere in Mexico are busy preparing for the three-day fiesta of El Día de Los Muertos, the Day of the Dead. Bakers are baking the traditional pan de muertos, the bread of the dead. Candy makers are making sugar skulls. Children are cutting out cardboard skeletons. Farmers are harvesting marigolds, flowers of the dead. Families are building and decorating alters to honor loved ones who have died. 

It’s a Baby!

A baby is a new person, someone who hears, smells, feels, sleeps, and cries.

The new person in this book is Pablo, a baby boy. Follow him through the first twelve months of his life. Watch him learn to do more and more things for himself as he slowly starts to crawl, climb, and explore the world around him.

Growing Older

Everyone, whether child or adult, grows older. And everyone likes to think back to a year, or several years ago, and tell others about their experiences. Here is a group of vibrant adults who recount their favorite backgrounds, who recount their favorite memories and describe their feelings about growing older.