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Ricardo’s Day

Ricardo’s mother drops him off at school and he watches her go off to work. So begins his day at school where he cut out paper, feeds Tito the bunny, paints pictures, looks at bugs in the microscope, puts on costumes, dances the hokey pokey, and then goes out to the playground. Oops, he falls! That hurts and he cries a bit. But then he listens to a story, lays down in the bathtub to read, and then school is over and abuelo comes to pick him up. 

Dancing Is

Dancing is a skip, and a hop, and a kick, and a stomp, and just feeling good. People dance for different reasons, at many times and places. They dance to entertain others, to remember their homeland, or even to tell stories. Most often, they dance to have fun.

Sally’s Submarine

One hot summer afternoon, Sally Sanford climbs inside her cardboard submarine, closes the hatch, and–splash!–she and her bright orange sub dive beneath the waves.

Richie’s Rocket

One hot summer evening, Richie Rodriquez climbs aboard his cardboard spaceship, grabs hold of his steering wheel, and–boom!–he and his little rocket blast off into outer space.

Harry’s Helicopter

One afternoon, Harry Hopkins climbs inside his model cardboard helicopter, adjusts his earphones, and—whoosh!—he and his bright red chopper take off.

Balance It!

How does a scale work? Why do tightrope walkers carry a pole in their hands? What is a center of gravity? In this lively and informative book, young readers can learn the principles of balance at the same time as they make a letter scale, balancing dolls, a floating sculpture, and a mobile.