Sally’s Submarine

Book, Fantasy, Play

Sally’s Submarine

By: Joan Anderson & George Ancona
Publisher: William Morrow, 1995
Age Level: 9-12
Language: English
ISBN: 0-688-12691-X


One hot summer afternoon, Sally Sanford climbs inside her cardboard submarine, closes the hatch, and–splash!–she and her bright orange sub dive beneath the waves.

You can, too, inĀ Sallie’s Submarine. The action packed text and innovative you-are-there photographs let you experience what it is really like at the bottom of the sea. You’ll drift with the current among schools of iridescent fish, play underwater hide-and-seek with a curious seal, and dodge the razor-sharp teeth of a menacing shark before plotting your course for home.

So up periscope and full speed ahead–into the most memorable nautical adventure of your life!