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Handtalk School

Come visit our school! Some children take the bus to this school for deaf children; many others live there in the dormitory, a home away from home complete with house parents. But readers need only open the pages of Handtalk School to spend a school day with a group of residential students involved in the fun of putting on the Thanksgiving play.

Handtalk Zoo

We’re off to the zoo! In a lively story told with colorful photographs, text and American Sign Language. Mary Beth and a group of children spend a fun filled day visiting the animals. The day is a full one, with stops to feed the sea lions, eat lunch, and find Roger. As the children see their favorite animals, they demonstrate the signs and fingerspelling for each one.

Handtalk Birthday

Mary Beth is awakened by a light bulb flashing over her head. Someone’s at the door. Shuffling to the door in her nightgown and bunny slippers. She opens the door and SURPRISE! All her friends are there to celebrate her birthday. They sign and fingerspell HAPPY BIRTHDAY, give presents, eat goodies and cake, and are astonished by the birthday wish. 


An ABC of finger Spelling & Sign Language. The book shows two ways you can talk besides using your voice: Fingerspelling, forming words letter by letter with the fingers of one hand, Making a picture or sign with your hands for each word or idea. You can also talk with your eyes, your face, your hands, your body.