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My Feet Do

Feet walk. They run. They jump. Feet wear socks. They wear boots. They wear sneakers. And feet can be tickled to make you laugh.


Everyone has one. With it, you can stand on your head, play in the mud, hold a frog, blow up a balloon, laugh, sleep, sweat, swing, breath, or splash. Whats a body made of? And how does it work? This handsome picture book explores the fascinating subject of bodies and shows what fun it is to have one – one that’s uniquely yours.


Two eyes, two ears, a nose, a mouth. Your face, mine, everybody’s face. Are they all the same? No. All different. Eyes are for seeing. But we see things differently. Ears are for listening. We hear sounds differently. A good smell to you may be a bad one to me. And taste depends on what you like. Our senses—the same for all, and yet—we’re all different. George Ancona’s expressive photographs capture both the sameness and variety in the human face. And his design of the book melds text and photographs together beautifully.