Richie’s Rocket

Book, Fantasy, Play

Richie’s Rocket

By: Joan Anderson & George Ancona
Publisher: William Morrow, 1993
Age Level: 9-12
Language: English
ISBN: 0-688-11305-2


One hot summer evening, Richie Rodriquez climbs aboard his cardboard spaceship, grabs hold of his steering wheel, and–boom!–he and his little rocket blast off into outer space.

You can, too, in Richie’s Rocket. The energized text and innovative, you-are-there photographs–hand tinted to capture the other-worldly glow of outer space–let you share the sights and sensations of a real space flight. You’ll float weightless as a helium balloon, gaze at a beachball-sized Earth far beneath you, and bounce like a kangaroo on the pockmarked surface of the moon.

So buckle up your seat belt, adjust your headphones–and count down to an exhilarating adventure that is out of this world!