Man and Mustang

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Man and Mustang

By: George Ancona
Publisher: Macmillan/Simon & Schuster, 1992
Age Level: 9-12
Language: English
ISBN: 0-02-700802-9


On remote public lands of our western states, wild mustangs are flourishing. When their numbers grow too great to be supported by the ecosystem, the herds must be reduced. This is the job of the Bureau of Land Management. Thanks to the BLM’s Adopt-A-Horse Program wild mustangs are no longer killed to make dog food. Now they are rounded up and trained so they can be adopted. Prison inmates at the penitentiary volunteer to work with the horses to gentle them. In both words and photographs, George Ancona tells the gripping story, revealing an exciting and positive process and the brave men who do it. It takes patience, skill, and guts. It’s good for both man and the mustang.