The Aquarium Book

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The Aquarium Book

By: Joan Anderson & George Ancona
Publisher: Clarion Books, 1991
Age Level: 9-12
Language: English
ISBN: 0-89919-655-1 (hardcover), 0-395-69940-1 (paperback)


Sharks and sea stars…luminous sea anemones…brilliantly colored fish from tropical waters. At an aquarium, you can feast your eyes on the strangest and most beautiful denizens of Earth’s oceans and seas.

But today’s aquariums are more than showcases for fish. Architects and exhibit designers recreate all kinds of aquatic environments–shorelines and rain forests as well as oceans, lakes and rivers. Aquarists feed and care for mammals, birds, and plants and divers help them tend species that live underwater. Along with entertaining and educating the public, an aquarium may also participate in research, conservation, and breeding of rare and endangered species.

Glowing color photographs taken in the exhibit areas and behind the scenes of four major aquariums provide a fascinating introduction to these buildings and to the people who keep them operating smoothly. They also offer tantalizing glimpses of the exotic underwater world that aquariums can recreate.




  • Pick of the Lists, 1991


“Four aquariums are featured in nearly 90 photos by George Ancona in THE AQUARIUM BOOK. The photographer’s concise text shows that these living museums include mammals and birds as well as fish. A brief look behind the scenes reveals the work of the aquarists who care for the marine life, the scientists who conduct research, and the divers, trainers and teachers who bring sea creatures and humans together. Teachers who take field trips to aquariums will want to share this title before the bus pulls out of the school yard.”
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