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Being a Twin, Having a Twin

What is it like to share a birthday with a bother or sister? What do you do when another member of the family looks just like you, has the same talents, and sometimes seems to think the same? How does it feel to be always considered part of a duo, and to be mixed up even by your own parents?

Being Adopted

Seven-year-old Rebecca, ten-year-old Andrei, and eight-year-old Karin behave like most children their age. They are active, curious, fun-seeking, and affectionate. They are also adopted. Rebecca, Andrei, and Karin often think about their caring families and themselves. Sometimes they find their adoption hard to forget, for in keeping with recent trends, Rebecca, Andrei, and Karin have racial and cultural roots different from their adoptive families’. Even at home, it seems, they stand out.

Over on the River

Today there is a deep blue lake where Papa and Mama and Lucy and Malinda lived. Their home was a little gray house that sat in a valley, with hills all around. Not many people know that deep down under the waters of the lake is the place where Lucy and Malinda’s baby brother was born, where Mama killed a rattlesnake as big around as a man’s wrist, and where Papa chopped weeds out of his cotton patch.

Grandpa had a Windmill, Grandma had a Churn

On a magic carpet of memory, Louise Jackson carries the young reader back in time to that simpler world she knew as a child growing up in rural Texas during the 1940’s. Her vivid reminiscences provide a please akin to discovering an old patchwork quilt, or coming upon great grandfather’s long-lost packet watch and chain.