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Artists of Handcrafted Furniture at Work

Some artists paint pictures on canvas. Some mold sculptures of clay. Others weave rugs from fibers. Still others create furniture from wood. These furniture makers, devoted to furthering art and fine workmanship in daily living, produce originally designed, hand-made objects – music stands, storage chests, rocking chairs.

Jackpot of the Beagle Brigade

This is the story of Jackpot, a little brown beagle that does a very big job for all of us. Working at John F. Kennedy International Airport, Jackpot makes sure products that could be carrying disease—and could infect our agriculture—don’t get into this country.

Finding Your First Job

You want to earn some money. What you need is a job with a paycheck. It will be your first real job. How do you find it? This book will answer many of the questions you may have.

Grandpa had a Windmill, Grandma had a Churn

On a magic carpet of memory, Louise Jackson carries the young reader back in time to that simpler world she knew as a child growing up in rural Texas during the 1940’s. Her vivid reminiscences provide a please akin to discovering an old patchwork quilt, or coming upon great grandfather’s long-lost packet watch and chain.