Bananas: From Manalo to Margie

Book, Food, Nature & Science, Work

Bananas: From Manalo to Margie

By: George Ancona
Publisher: Clarion Books, 1982
Age Level: 9-12
Language: English
ISBN: 0-89919-100-2 (hardcover), 0-395-54787-3 (paperback)


Everyone loves the sweet taste of a ripe banana. Most of us get this popular fruit at a local market. But have you ever wondered where bananas actually come from?

Meet Manolo. He and his family live in Honduras on a banana plantation. Manolo’s father and other workers care for the young plants and harvest the green bananas. Then other people get the fruit ready to ship top distant markets.

In this book you can follow bananas on their journey from Manolo to Margie. She lives in the United States and likes bananas as much as you do!




“An eye-catching profile of a half peeled banana on the book jacket sets the stage for another successful photographic essay. From Manolo, who lives on a Honduran banana plantation with his family, to Margie, who shops for fruit with her mother in an American grocery store, the book relates the banana’s story. Included are a brief history of the fruit, a description of its growth and harvest, and a travelogue of the two-week journey the banana takes by train, boat, and truck to wholesale markets. Numerous photographs help explain the variety of equipment and workers needed to send the banana on its way.”
The Horn Book