Murals: Walls That Sing

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Murals: Walls That Sing

By: George Ancona
Publisher: Marshall Cavendish, 2003
Age Level: 9-12
Language: English
ISBN: 0-7614-5131-5


A book of murals from the cave paintings; to colonial church murals; to the masterpieces of Diego Rivera, Orozco and other Mexican masters; to the singing walls in American cities; and graffiti. Communities express their cultures, issues, and histories on their neighborhood walls. 




  • 2003 Américas Award Commended Title
  • An NCSS-CBC Notable Social Studies Trade Book for Young People
  • A Best Children’s Book of the Year, Bank Street College
  • An SSLI Book Award Honor Book


A wonderful look at the use of murals through out history. The book briefly looks at ancient murals–cave paintings, then quickly moves to modern times. The book is packed with good quality color photographs that show the use of murals. The examples include a wide range of topics including political, celebrations, and briefly individual graffiti. Students will love this book and it will be in high demand.”
Fort Worth I.S.D.

“Renowned for his photo-essay style, the author examines this urban art form–not only representative of past voices but also of the common man’s present struggle–with an eye for personal stories that translate into universal themes, more often than not reflective of the diverse cultures populating the neighboring streets where murals can be found. Ancona pays homage to the phenomenal murals of the world through his vibrant photographs. Whether adopted into the core of a social studies program or read solely for its cultural content, Murals is an exceptional choice for mid-grade students, ages eight to twelve.”
Fore Word

“This colorful photo-essay provides a fascinating look at outdoor murals and the communities they represent.”
School Library Journal