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I Feel

Excited? Sad? Jealous? Scared? We all have these feelings and many others inside us. This book may help you notice them on the faces of people around you. Use this book in several ways. When you are alone, you can explore the photographs and the word that describes each feeling. When you are with your friends, you can play a game by covering the word and asking them to guess the emotion. Then you will be sharing this book with the others as you do your own feelings. 

Earth Keepers

The glistening Hudson River was once horribly polluted; a glorious New York City garden was once a rubble-strewn lot; bears were once threatened in the Minnesota wilderness. What happened? Earth keepers came to the rescue, reversing the destruction of our natural resources and restoring places where fish swim, flowers bloom, and bears frolic.

Dolphins at Grassy Key

Dolphins are extraordinary creatures. Who would not be thrilled to rub noses with them in the water, grab on to their dorsal fins and go for a fast ride, to watch them leap high overhead, and even to pet their snouts gently? Visitors do this daily at the Dolphin Research Center in Grassy Key, Florida. They also see how dolphins are fed, cared for, and trained to perform in shows. 

From Map to Museum: Uncovering Mysteries of the Past

From Map To Museum is the behind the scenes story of one museum collection. This intriguing photo essay focuses on a major method of museum acquisition–the archeological dig–and one modern-day explorer, Dr. David Hurst Thomas, curator of anthropology at the Museum of Natural History in New York City and a leading archeologist in the field. It is a long painstaking journey from map to museum that begins on a tropical island off the coast of Georgia, where a real-life expedition is uncovering a lost Spanish mission and an extinct group of Indians, and ends in the storage rooms, curator’s offices and exhibit cases of the museum. 

Balance It!

How does a scale work? Why do tightrope walkers carry a pole in their hands? What is a center of gravity? In this lively and informative book, young readers can learn the principles of balance at the same time as they make a letter scale, balancing dolls, a floating sculpture, and a mobile. 

My Feet Do

Feet walk. They run. They jump. Feet wear socks. They wear boots. They wear sneakers. And feet can be tickled to make you laugh.

A Snake-Lovers Diary

It all started one April morning with the chance finding of a Gartner Snake. “It was as if I’d never really seen a snake before. I decided then and there to take it home. On the way, a plan began to take shape. I’d start a scientific study of snakes and keep a diary of my findings.” With Gartner Snake as Specimen A, a young boy spends a spring and summer catching and studying reptiles. His collection grows to include, among other species, a Water Snake, a King snake, a Milk Snake, and even a Boa Constrictor. 


Everyone has one. With it, you can stand on your head, play in the mud, hold a frog, blow up a balloon, laugh, sleep, sweat, swing, breath, or splash. Whats a body made of? And how does it work? This handsome picture book explores the fascinating subject of bodies and shows what fun it is to have one – one that’s uniquely yours.


Two eyes, two ears, a nose, a mouth. Your face, mine, everybody’s face. Are they all the same? No. All different. Eyes are for seeing. But we see things differently. Ears are for listening. We hear sounds differently. A good smell to you may be a bad one to me. And taste depends on what you like. Our senses—the same for all, and yet—we’re all different. George Ancona’s expressive photographs capture both the sameness and variety in the human face. And his design of the book melds text and photographs together beautifully.