John Cronin, an environmentalist, patrols the 315 miles of New York’s Hudson River on board the Riverkeeper, a 25-ft. shallow-drafted boat. Hired by concerned private citizens, John keeps watch for polluters and helps bring citizen lawsuits, lobbies with government officials for better laws and stricter enforcement, and educates the public about the need to protect the environment.

Sheep Dog

Ranchers and farmers are in a constant war with coyotes and wolves who kill their livestock in their pastures and grazing lands. One solution that seems to work better that shooting or trapping the predators is the guard dog. These big dogs, like the Great Pyrenees, Maremma, Komondor and Kuvasz, are raised as pups with the sheep. The dogs sleep with the herds and will fight off predators.

Turtle Watch

On the beach of a small Brazilian town called Praia do Forte, four oceanographers are working to save the endangered sea turtle. The scientists find a turtle’s nest, then dig up the eggs and remove them for safekeeping. And when the eggs have hatched, they help the baby turtles make their way to the ocean.

Helping Out

It’s fun to work alongside a grown-up. The book shows young people lending a hand with many different grown-jobs. You’ll see them at work indoors and out, at home or at school, in the city or on the farm. The grown-ups can be your parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents, neighbors, or teachers. 

Freighters: Cargo Ships And The People Who Work Them

Huge freighters crisscross the world’s oceans, delivering cargoes to ports all around the globe. Oil and bananas, cars and grain…cargo comes in many forms. And for every type of cargo is a ship specially designed to carry it – giant tankers to haul oil, ro-ros to carry cars and trucks, reefers to keep perishable goods cool.

Monsters on Wheels

Strange monsters populate our landscape – Gigantic wheeled machines that scoop out hillsides, flatten earth for roadbeds, lift boxcars, and compact tons of garbage. At work, they are every bit as impressive as prehistoric dinosaurs – and far more useful.

Monster Movers

Imagine how long it would take to move a mountain from one place to another. Gigantic monster movers do the job every day. These super machines scoop, haul, dump, stack, lift, load and perform countless enormous tasks.

Team Work

On a team, crew, or work gang, the work of individuals adds up to the work of the whole. Whether the task is scaling a craggy mountain or shooting a documentary film, the key to accomplishment is people working together.

Dancing Is

Dancing is a skip, and a hop, and a kick, and a stomp, and just feeling good. People dance for different reasons, at many times and places. They dance to entertain others, to remember their homeland, or even to tell stories. Most often, they dance to have fun.

It’s a Baby!

A baby is a new person, someone who hears, smells, feels, sleeps, and cries.

The new person in this book is Pablo, a baby boy. Follow him through the first twelve months of his life. Watch him learn to do more and more things for himself as he slowly starts to crawl, climb, and explore the world around him.

Growing Older

Everyone, whether child or adult, grows older. And everyone likes to think back to a year, or several years ago, and tell others about their experiences. Here is a group of vibrant adults who recount their favorite backgrounds, who recount their favorite memories and describe their feelings about growing older.