In City Gardens

In San Francisco an organization called SLUG, the San Francisco League of Urban Gardeners, find vacant lots in the midst of the city and plant gardens filled with flowers and vegetables. The book shows how the children with the guidance of their elders, plant, weed, harvest and eat, the fruits of their labor.

Earth Daughter

In Acoma Pueblo in New Mexico, little Alicia Histia follows in the footsteps of her parents and pueblo ancestors. Working alongside her mother she is creates pots and clay animals. She joins her grandmother to make bread that she bakes in an outdoor oven. On feast days she dons her traditional dress and dances behind her mother.

Fiesta U.S.A

Four celebrations brought here by Hispanic immigrants to retain their traditions and to share them with their new neighbors. 

Ricardo’s Day

Ricardo’s mother drops him off at school and he watches her go off to work. So begins his day at school where he cut out paper, feeds Tito the bunny, paints pictures, looks at bugs in the microscope, puts on costumes, dances the hokey pokey, and then goes out to the playground. Oops, he falls! That hurts and he cries a bit. But then he listens to a story, lays down in the bathtub to read, and then school is over and abuelo comes to pick him up. 

Cutters, Carvers & the Cathedral

For more than one hundred years, the Cathedral of St. John the Divine has been under construction. Workers from Indiana to New York, from France to Nigeria, have contributed their abilities and labor and time, decade after decade. And although the cathedral is still unfinished, services are held there, festivals are celebrated, and the helpless and homeless are fed, clothed, and befriended within its walls.

The Piñata Maker / El Piñatero

Don Ricardo, or Tío Rico as the children call him, is the piñata maker of a village in southern Mexico. Now seventy-seven years old, Tío Rico has been making elaborate and beautiful piñatas for fifteen years. He brings great joy to children with his magical puppets, masks and piñatas–and of course, he gets invited to nearly all the parties.

The Golden Lion Tamarin Comes Home

Take a look at a golden lion tamarin, and imagine its disappearing forever. This is what almost happened in Brazil as deforestation reduced the monkey’s habitat and the species began to die out. Fortunately, the Brazilian government set aside the remaining forest as a wildlife refuge.


Throughout the year in cities and towns and on reservations across the United States and Canada, Native Americans gather to celebrate their heritage and culture. Suits and ties, jeans and tennis shoes give way to breastplates and bustles, leggings and moccasins. In a kaleidoscope of color and movement, men, women, and children step and spin to the driving beat of a drum. 

Man and Mustang

On remote public lands of our western states, wild mustangs are flourishing. When their numbers grow too great to be supported by the ecosystem, the herds must be reduced. This is the job of the Bureau of Land Management. Thanks to the BLM’s Adopt-A-Horse Program wild mustangs are no longer killed to make dog food. Now they are rounded up and trained so they can be adopted. Prison inmates at the penitentiary volunteer to work with the horses to gentle them.

My Camera

A guidebook for the first time photographer that clearly shows how to get the best results from a simple camera. MY CAMERA demonstrates the basics of picture taking and suggests projects to try. Abundant color photographs show a simple camera in use alongside examples of the results children can obtain.

The Aquarium Book

Sharks and sea stars…luminous sea anemones…brilliantly colored fish from tropical waters. At an aquarium, you can feast your eyes on the strangest and most beautiful denizens of Earth’s oceans and seas.

Pablo Remembers: The Fiesta of the Day of the Dead

On October 30, people everywhere in Mexico are busy preparing for the three-day fiesta of El Día de Los Muertos, the Day of the Dead. Bakers are baking the traditional pan de muertos, the bread of the dead. Candy makers are making sugar skulls. Children are cutting out cardboard skeletons. Farmers are harvesting marigolds, flowers of the dead. Families are building and decorating alters to honor loved ones who have died.